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About Us

Company JAWA Factory is focused on the production and supply of components, spare parts and services related to the following industries:

- automotive - motorcycle industry

- low-track motorcycles and engines

- cyclo products

- cyclobike

- garden and municipal technology

- working motorcycle



- more than 60 years of successful history of the ESO trademark and  subsequently JAWA and later JRM

- professional human capacity with professional experience and certification in the field

- specific, variable technological equipment and facilities

- production     capability from piece-specific order series to medium series

− own development capability, prototype lab



- complete production of specialized racing speedway motorcycles of various types (the only manufacturer in the world producing complete motorcycles-frames         and engines

- production of individual motorcycle frames and engines, production of spare parts, complete services (service, maintenance, setting, performance tests (also on the track in the field), development, prototype production

- custom production according to customer's specification